Laser Cut Acrylic


  • Unlimited standard styles and 32 standard colors
  • Fast Delivery — Produced in just 3-4 days
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • UV stable
  • Light weight with easy installation options
  • Available in 7 thicknesses

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Laser Cut Acrylic 8
The Ultimate Sidewalk Sign

The ultimate in portable, changeable sign messaging, the Gemini Sidewalk Sign is ideal for temporary messages.

Gemini Sidewalk Signs are a call to action that have the power to turn a passerby into a customer.

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Sidewalk SignSidewalk Sign with Pronto Letters
Minnesota Letter (Injection Molded)


  • Metal look & appearance
  • Suitable indoors and outdoors
  • Ships In 1 business day
  • UV stable
  • Made from "Green" non-petroleum based plastic
  • Lifetime Guarantee

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Injection Molded LettersInjection Molded LettersInjection Molded Letters
ADA Plaques

Beauty, style, and compliance

  • Available in standard 7” x 8.5” x .25” with stipple or sand background
  • Custom sizes and designs
  • Solid aluminum, bronze or brass
  • Braille component is precise, not loose beads or imperfect castings

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ADA Plaque ExampleADA Plaque Example
Standard Formed Plastic

Over 128 Standard Styles and 31 standard colors

  • Fast Delivery - Produced in just 2 days
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • UV stable
  • Low-cost options with high-impact results
  • Made from renewable resources

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Standard Formed PlasticStandard Formed Plastic
Custom Ordered Plaques

Whether your requirements are cast, architectural, etched, or those requiring ADS specifications, we can create the marker, seal, or plaque to fit your needs in just 8 working days.

Recognize someone for a job well done, a retirement, or winning an award, memorialize a loved one or commemorate a historic place; the choices are many to insure that your needs are met exactly.

Contact us for details and quotes. Experts in plaques are ready to assist you.

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Custom Plaque ExampleCustom Plaque Example
Cast Metals

Quality & Affordability

  • Custom letters & logos are available at minimal expense
  • Earth Friendly - no lead or mercury and all trim is recycled
  • Over 60 standard styles
  • Orders produced in 8 days or less
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Cast MetalsCast Metals
Cut Metals


  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 5 Metals, 6 Gauges and 50 Finished are Standard
  • Fast Delivery — Produced in just 7 days
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • UV stable
  • Available in 7 thicknesses
Cut MetalsCut MetalsCut Metals

Shipping & Returns


Most orders will ship via UPS at our freight rates, unless otherwise requested by you. Larger letters over 30” may have to ship via truck freight. Those orders my ship freight collect with a carrier of your choice.


 Our products are custom-made for you and therefore are made to order. Due to the extraordinary amount of variations available on any given set of sign letters, the sign industry as a whole does not stock sign letters or numbers. But as a service to you, we will offer a credit up to 30% of the original net price, up to $500, should you need to return any goods that were ordered in error,  need to be cancelled or not needed. All you do is call for an RMA (return material authorization) number and return at least one half of the product to the appropriate plant, as given to you when you call.

You are responsible for the freight for this return, and it only applies to orders under $1,000 net, and only for actual product returned. Items such as art charges, crate charges, paint match charges or mounting patterns cannot be credited. For orders over $1,000, we will have to determine a credit based on the product type and dollar value.

Stock items, such as hardware and standard Pronto™ letters, can be returned for full credit. Again, all you have to do is call for an RMA number and return the product in the original packaging for a full credit. Should the original letters be damaged or scratched, only a 30% credit will be issued.

Mounting patterns, like letters, are custom-made to your specifications. If you have a problem with a pattern, please call us to discuss available options. In order to make a new pattern, we will need you to return the letters as the mountings are all custom-placed in each letter of an order.

Should a pattern be spaced or spelled wrong, just return the pattern to our sales office for evaluation.

Please note that most letter installations will require some adjustments to letters once the holes are drilled, even with a perfectly punched mounting pattern.