Color Giclee Panels

Full-Color Gilclee Panels

  • 1200 dpi full-color printed image
  • Printed on:       

Lexan, Aluminum, brass, bronze, or stainless steel

Simply choose your material and supply a high-quality image.

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Full-Color Giclee Panels

Giclee (pronounced “zhee-clay’) is the term for reproducing art work or photos from high quality ink jet printers. Your 1200 dpi full-color printed image can be printed on Lexan, Aluminum, brass, bronze or stailess steel.  If you are printing on Lexan (a translucent polycarbonate), you can have the image printed on the front side or mirrored and printed on the back side. Printing on the back side gives  softer edges to your image. You  supply us with a high quality photo of anything that you want to put on a permanent plaque, like pet’s memorial,  graduation gift (primary school picture-senior class picture combo), door plaques for kids’ room or your craft room or workshop. We will work with you to get the artwork and proofs.

Manufactured by: Gemini

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