1) Laser Cut Sign Letters

Laser Cut Acrylic Letter Design Center

                                                           How to Design Your Sign:

  • Enter the letters you want in step 1
  • How thick? 3/8" is the thinnest that can be flush mounted
  • Pick a font. If you don't see the font you want, call us.
  • Size: The sizes are for a capital letter.
  • Select letter color. Dropdown has pigmented and painted colors
  • If you selected a painted color, select the finish you want.
  • Select the mounting method you want to use.
  • Check for drill pattern. We sell them at our cost & highly recommend.
  • If you have a brick or cement block wall, have the studs aligned with the mortar
  • If you ordered a second line, make your selections accordingly. 
  • For custom logos, call or email.                                                                                            

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Laser Flat Cut Plastic Letters 


Precision Cut With a Commitment to Detail

Our acrylic letters are manufactured today in a way sign people 70 years ago would have thought was the stuff of Buck Rogers — with laser beams to make detailed letters and logos. Starting with sheets of acrylic with 32 standard pigmented colors of acrylic with gauges ranging from 1/8” to 1” - the sky is the limit in terms of looks and design opportunities. 

Durable enough for outdoors signage, yet perfect for any interior office signage.

Using lasers to precisely cut your letters from our standard fonts or your supplied font, our letters provide greater detail than manufacturers who use a router. The laser-cut polished edges are immaculate.

You can use one of our standard fonts for your cut letters for your sign or they can be custom. You can provide the art work or we help generate it.  If you need help with your Acrylic letters, just call us at 507 289-7686 or email us at sales@SVESigns.com.

Manufactured by: Gemini

This is the color of the material itself and generally goes all the way through the material. There are exceptions though. Metallic pigmented colors are generally only metallic on the face itself and will reveal a black edge when cut. Metallic Silver and Gold are particularly effected. Solid colors will generally have the same edge color as face color. Acrylic has extremely good weather ability but some darker colors may begin to show fading in heavy sunlight after a few years. Acrylic is basically a colored Plexiglas™, and is not particularly strong in thin materials such as 1/8 and 3/16. The larger the letters are, the more vulnerable they are to breakage. A rule of thumb is to increase thickness when increasing height.


BAKED ENAMEL COLORS: 30% extra up to 1/2" then no extra cost for 3/4" and 1"
Painted in professional spray booths with architectural grade, UV resistant, acrylic polyurethane which is very tough, long lasting and wont fade, crack or peel under normal use. Color definition, especially with metallic colors is much greater than the pigmented versions and the edges will be the same color as the paint. Painting the acrylic removes the "plastic look" and hides the true nature of the material. For instance, a painted acrylic letter will look the same as a painted metal letter to the casual observer.

Optical Clear (Pigmented)

White (Pigmented)

Red (Pigmented)

Dark Blue (Pigmented)

Medium Blue (Pigmented)

Capri Blue (Pigmented)

Brown Pigmented)

Duranodic Bronze (Pigmented)


Black (Pigmented)

Metallic Gold (Pigmented)

Metallic - Smoked (Dark) edge

Metallic Silver (Pigmented)

Metallic - Smoked (Dark) edge

Platinum (Pigmented)

White (Painted)

Desert Sand (Painted)

Grey (Painted)

Dove Grey (Painted)

Black (Painted)

Safety Green (Painted)

Lemon Yellow (Painted)

Yellow (Painted)

Citrus Yellow (Painted)

Sundance Yellow (Painted)

Schoolbus Yellow (Painted)

Rampart Orange (Painted)

Orange (Painted)

Red-Orange (Painted)

Brick Red (Painted)

Red (Painted)

Maroon (Painted)

Black Cherry (Painted)

Magenta (Painted)

Purple (Painted)

Violet Toner (Painted)

Midnight Blue (Painted)

Dark Blue (Painted)

Medium Blue (Painted)

Blue (Painted)

Light Blue (Painted)

Marine Reef Blue (Painted)

Teal Blue (Painted)

Emerald Green (Painted)

Spring Green (Painted)

Light Green (Painted)

Federal Green (Painted)

Dark Green (Painted)

Hunter Green (Painted)

Brown (Painted)

Brilliant Gold (Painted)

Metalllic Gold (Painted)


Aztec Gold (Painted)


Copper (Painted)


Aztec Copper (Painted)


Medium Bronze (Painted)

Old Copper (Painted)

Duranodic Bronze (Painted)


Metallic Silver (Painted)


Custom Color $20 to match

Plain Mount

Plain Letters are shipped without any mounting hardware

Stud Mount

Studs are metal threaded posts on the rear of the letters. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick (2-5/8") or block (8") wall mortar joints. When installed, studs typically extend 1-1/2"-2" from the back of the letters.

Pad Mount

Pads are plastic disks on the rear of the letters. Adjustable or flush pads available upon request. Pad mounts only recommended on letters less than 14" tall.

Combination studs and padsMount

Combination has pads at the rear bottom and studs through pads at the top of the letter. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick (2-5/8") or block (8") wall mortar joints. Not for letters under 6".

Comination All mounts with studs and pads

Combination all has studs through pads on all mounts. Specify if studs need to be inline for brick (2-5/8") or block (8") wall mortar joints. Not for letters under 6".

Dual Faced Tape

Double sided tape.