Plastic Letters - Standard Formed

Formed Plastic Letters

How to order Formed Plastic Letters

Suitable for both interior and exterior.

There are 77 standard fonts, and we can also help you with your custom letters and logos. Contact us at Sales@svesigns.com or request a quote 

For installation, we recomend always getting a stencil or drill pattern. Several options are available, and we sell them at our cost. 

Do the simple steps below to design a sign using our standard fonts. You can pick font, size, color, mounitng type and stencil. 

If you send us a picture or an idea, we can help you design your sign and will even Photoshop your photo at no cost. 

For more information and installation videos, see our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/svesigns

This product has a lifetime Guarantee.



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The sign is approximately
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Line: Upper Case Price: Lower Case Price: Punctuation Price: Line Sub-Total:
Line 1$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Line 2$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Line 3$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Line 4$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00

This are the formed plastic colors. You can also have the letter painted one of our standard paint colors for +30% or your custom color for $20 to match the color and then the +30%.

Plastic letters and numbers for signs

Gemini Standard formed plastic letters.

We have 77 standard fonts and 31 standard colors to help you with your plastic letter sign. Because they are durable and versital, they are the most popular product for the small business person to quickly get a band and sign for their business. Our manufacturer uses a tough and versatile plastic first used for tooth brushes and eye glass frames.

Formed plastic letters are durable, weather-resistant, and provide the deepest dimension for the money.

Durable enough for outdoors signage, yet perfect for any interior office signage.

Buy plastic letters and numbers from us at svesigns.com or give us a call.



Manufactured by: Gemini

Black (pigmented)

Dove Grey (pigmented)

White (pigmented)

Ivory (pigmented)

Desert Sand (pigmented)

Yellow (pigmented)

Mango (pigmented)

Orange (pigmented)

Red-Orange (pigmented)

Red (pigmented)

Brick Red (pigmented)

Maroon (pigmented)

Black Cherry (pigmented)

Purple (pigmented)

Midnight Blue (pigmented)

Dark Blue (pigmented)

Medium Blue (pigmented)

Blue (pigmented)

Light Blue (pigmented)

Light Blue is not recommended for use with studs or pads.

Teal Blue (pigmented)

Spring Green (pigmented)

Light Green (pigmented)

Dark Green (pigmented)

Hunter Green (pigmented)

Brown (pigmented)

Yellow Gold (pigmented)

Metallic Gold (pigmented)

Copper (pigmented)

Medium Bronze (pigmented)

Dark Bronze (pigmented)

Metallic Silver (pigmented)

White (painted)

Ivory (painted)

Desert Sand (painted)

Grey (painted)

Dove Grey (painted)

Safety Green (painted)

Lemon Yellow (painted)


Citrus Yellow (painted)

Sundance Yellow (painted)

Mango (painted)

Orange (painted)

Red-Orange (painted)

Rampart Orange (painted)

Red (painted)

Brick Red (painted)

Black Cherry (painted)

Maroon (painted)

Magenta (painted)

Purple (painted)

Violet Toner (painted)

Midnight Blue (painted)

Dark Blue (painted)

Medium Blue (painted)

Blue (painted)

Light Blue (painted)

Marine Reef Blue (painted)

Teal Blue (painted)

Spring Green (painted)

Emerald Green (painted)

Federal Green (painted)

Light Green (painted)

Dark Green (painted)

Hunter Green (painted)

Brilliant Gold (painted)


Metallic Gold (painted)


Aztec Gold (painted)


Metallic Copper (painted)


Aztec Copper (painted)


Brown (painted)

Medium Bronze (painted)


Old Copper (painted)


Duranodic Bronze (painted)


Metallic Silver (painted)


Black (painted)



This a matte finish for the standard formed plastic material, no paint


Plain Letters are shipped without any mounting hardware.


Studs are metal threaded posts on the rear of the letter. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick (2-5/8') or block (8") wall mortar joints. When installed stud are typically 1-1/2' - 2' from back of the letter.


Pads are plastic disks on the rear of the letters. Adjustable or flush pads are available upon request. Pad mount only recommended on letters less than 24' tall.


Combination has pads at the bottom and studs through pads at the top of the letter. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick (2-5/8") or block (8") wall mortar joints. Not for letters under 6" tall.

Combination All

Combination All has studs through pads on all mounts. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick (2-5/8") or block (8") wall mortar joints. Not for letters under 6".


Flange is a float, 3/16" to 1/2" perimeter on the letter return into which holes can be drilled. Secure with screws or nails. Wider flange available upon request. Not recommended for letters under 6".

Outside Bracket

Brackets are L-shaped plastic projections flared outward from back of the letter